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Size: 8.66 MB
Date added: 12/15
Last modified on: 04/21
License: Software Terms and Conditions
Version: 15.10.31

FD322 Tuning Software is Windows PC software for configuring and tuning Fiber Defender® 322 alarm processing units. This software is also included on the Product CD, which additionally includes drivers, manuals, and other utilities.

Use this software to perform functions such as:

  • Configure and tune the intrusion-detection system
  • View real-time signals from the cable assembly
  • Record and save signals from the sensor cables
  • Review and analyze recorded sensor-cable signal files

Version 15.10.31 of the software includes a variety of fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Addition of a Status panel for checking system health
  • Improved speed when configuring & tuning
  • Improved stability under unusual conditions

The download file does not require a password.