REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

REVEAL™ Radar Sensors

The next generation of security threats to your facility may come from the sky. Our radar solutions provide drone detection which ensures privacy by depriving outside surveillance and safeguarding people and resources.Correctional facilities will find drone detection especially key in detecting the delivery of weapons, tools, and contraband.

A complete radar system includes one or more radar heads and a NetworkedIO server.  These radar heads are field-deployed on a variety of structures.  Each one “sees” what is going on in their field of view, transferring the data from the radar head into the SpotterRF NetworkedIO server. These servers provide the graphical visual indication, user interface, and a high-level computer integration for video, access control, and security management systems.


Applications: Wide area detection and where fencing is not present

  • Determines number of intruders and their locations - displays breadcrumb trails
  • All weather conditions – sees through rain, snow, fog, smoke, and sand
  • Cost-saving, easy installation – quick tactical set-up
  • Camera interface with relay preset or slews cameras to field of view to capture target

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