When deployed in parallel within a network conduit or embedded in a carrier, the Fiber SenSys SL508™ Alarm Processor Unit (APU) is the core component used to alarm the network conduit or the raceway.  The SL508 is a 1U, rack-mounted alarm processor with a single-strand zone design (loop-back is NOT required). One unit protects up to 8 zones with remote zone capability - the electronics can be located a significant distance away from the protection zone.

This system can be used to alarm any network segment or raceway, including the alarming of existing "dark" fiber (within distances and specifications), and it is compatible with all varieties of network architectures, including secure passive optical networks (Secure PON).

Applications: Physical layer 1 data security

  • 19" rack-mount, 1U
  • 8 zones
  • Insensitive lead to 5km

Advanced tuning. Meets Protected Distribution System requirements. Typically deployed in a SCIF.

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