Laser Defender™ LiDAR Sensors

Intrusion Detection Laser Scanners for Military Applications

The safety hazards, security issues, and potential damage to military aircraft in hangars have always been a concern. Laser Defender sensors provide an excellent solution for solving a number of interior applications. Read more about hangar use and other applications for the US Military.


The Laser Defender LD204S is a next generation short range laser scan detector that provides accurate motion detection for indoor security applications. 

  • 20m x 20m (65 ft. x 65 ft.), 95 degree detection area
  • Vertical and horizontal detection modes
  • Multi-angle adjustment shell structure
The Laser Defender LD204S is an indoor IP/PoE laser scan detector providing 20 x 20 m vertical or horizontal detection area. The LD204S protects assets, equipment, walls, and ceilings by creating an invisible laser wall and detecting any intrusion breaching. It’s compact, cosmetic and versatile design makes it very easy to install and covers many different configurations. In addition to dry contacts, the LD204S generates an Event Code (ASCII format) that is already integrated with most VMS platforms. Not impacted by any lighting conditions, the LD204S can act as a trigger to enhance video surveillance or a wide range of security solutions.


The Laser Defender LD308SH is a sophisticated next-generation indoor detector that streamlines video monitoring and reduces installation costs.

  • High-res, long-range 2DLiDAR - 165' radius for 190" range (horizontal mounting)
  • Relay or IP
  • Identifies the size, speed and distance of a moving object
  • Eight (8) independently adjustable detection areas
The Laser Defender LD308SH is an innovative laser scan detector that can detect a moving object's size, speed, and distance from the detector and process that information with a unique algorithm. This results in a high-reliability detection of people with minimal false alarms. The detector can also be mounted vertically or horizontally according to the application and site conditions. When vertical detection area is selected, the LD308SH creates a 200ft. wide detection area that functions like an invisible wall. With four outputs for remote video applications and eight independently adjustable detection areas and event codes, the LD308SH is the ideal detector for controlling PTZ cameras and is integrated with leading VMS platforms. When horizontal detection area is selected, the LD308SH creates a detection area with a radius of 100 ft. (detecting an object of minimum width 12 in.) to a max of 165 ft. (minimum width of 24 in.) and an arc of 190°. The detection area can be set manually or automatically. If the automatic setting is used, the detector will set the proper detection area; even for complicated area shapes.