Fence-Mounted Sensors - The Fiber Defender® Series

All Fiber Defender® Alarm Processor Units (APUs) are CE/RoHS compliant and made in the USA. 
Wind/noise and calibration software included with all APUs.
All Fiber Defender® sensor cables are immune to EMI, RFI, and lightning.

Fiber Defender 500 Series

The FD504 monitors up to four different sensing fibers (zones), and the FD508 can support up to eight. Each sensing fiber can be up to 800 meters in length for maximum perimeter protection. Remote APU deployment with insensitive lead-in cable capability.

  • Nuisance alarm discrimination with built-in tuning software
  • Integration capability with head end/annunciator panels.
  • Environmental noise compensation
  • 1U rack-mount APU
  • Linear, uniform sensitivity

The FD525R provide the highest level of perimeter security available in the market. The FD525R cable assembly consists of up to 25 individual sensor elements branching off a rugged, insensitive backbone cable. Sensor elements placed along the backbone cable define each zone location.

  • Supports up to 23 zones, each fully independent and tunable
  • Simultaneous intrusion detection reporting on all zones
  • Maximum sensing cable length 800 meters per zone
  • Maximum insensitive lead-in cable length from 5km to 10km depending on zone configuration
  • XML message communication
  • Rack mount APU fits in a standard 19" data center rack and occupies only 2U of rack height
  • Optional relay modules available
  • Comes with system distribution assembly
  • Includes FD500 Series Software Suite

Incorporating the proven level of high security demonstrated in our FD500 series of products, the Fiber SenSys FD525-HALO is an easy-to-install perimeter solution that economically addresses larger sites.

  • Ideal for sites greater than 500m.
  • Up to 25 independent zones (maximum cable length of 5.8km) that detect multiple simultaneous intrusion attempts.
  • Additiona APUs can easily be combined for larger sites.
  • The need for conduit or multiple cable paths is eliminated through the use of a single hybrid cable.
  • Insensitive lead-in cable for remote APU deployment - up to 5km.
  • Tuning and calibration discrimination software in the FD500 Series Software Suite eliminates nuisance alarms.

Fiber Defender 300 Series

  • Two independent zones, each supports up to 500m of sensing fiber.
  • TCP/IP interface utilizing XML, in addition to an RS232 communications port, ensures high-level integration and communication options.
  • Includes FD322 tuning software.
  • Online certification training.
Complete kit with an FD322 Alarm Processor Unit (APU) preinstalled in a 4XNEMA box, tuning software, and pre-terminated robust sensor cable, there is no need for conduit or special tools. Ideal for commercial and industrial chain link applications.
This rack-mounted APU is equipped with TCP/IP (via XML messaging) and supports sensing cable up to 5km; with insensitive lead-in cable up to 20km for remote APU deployment. The RK-348 rack housing holds up to eight FD348R APUs.
  • Single-channel and dual-channel Fiber Defender® APU.
  • Up to 5km sensing cable.
  • 25+ configuration parameters
  • SpectraView™ software included.
  • Ideal for high-security sites
  • Optional anemometer output
  • IP-XML model available
  • PL1-N Nuclear approved
  • These single and dual-channel Fiber Defender APUs can be remotely located (up to 20km)
  • Up to 5km sensing cable
  • 25+ configuration parameters
  • SpectraView software included 
  • Ideal for high-security applications requiring remote capable APU
  • IP-XML model available
  • PL1-N Nuclear approved