Military Security Solutions

Fiber SenSys, Inc. has a rich history of successful military projects providing security solutions in support of force protection and critical resource sites for fixed and tactical installations worldwide. 

Delivering the only fiber optic sensor to achieve the highest security designation approval for nuclear weapons storage areas and critical resources by the US Air Force – Protection Level 1 Nuclear, Fiber SenSys can provide solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.

Over our thirty-year history, Fiber SenSys has established experience in supporting military and government contracts, programs and projects, including GSA, Tactical Automated Security Systems (TASS), Force Protection Site Security System Solutions (FPS) and Electronic Security Systems (ESS). 

We also provide active carrier equipment that physically ensures data stays secure.

Fixed Site Physical Perimeter Security

FD341 & FD342

  • US military approved to highest rating. Typically deployed in field distribution boxes.
  • Stand-alone Alarm Processing Unit (APU) with 1 or 2 zones
  • Insensitive lead to 20km
  • Advanced Tuning

FD348R & RK348

Rack-mounted APU with advanced tuning; typically deployed in a control room

  • 8 each 1-zone cards per 19" sub-rack, 4U (RK-348)
  • 1 zone per card


Southern-tier AEL-approved APU. Advanced tuning; high reliability and fault tolerant. Typically deployed in a control room.

  • 19" rack-mount, 2U
  • Up to 25 zones
  • Insensitive lead to 5km

Laser Defenders

Indoor laser scan detectors. Ideal for aircraft hangar applications.

  • LD308SH: High-res, long-range 2DLiDAR - 165' radius for 190" range (horizontal mounting)
  • LD204S: IP/Poe provides 20m x 20m vertical or horizontal detection area

Passive Infrared (PIR) Sensors

Indoor PIR sensors provide a low-cost reliable intrusion detection solution for entryways, ceilings, wide areas, and SCIF applications.

  • AP2-20N: Indoor-rated with curtain lens, 20 ft. (6 meters) detection pattern
  • EX-35T: Indoor-rated with dual purpose lens, wide-angle 35 ft. x 35 ft. or long-range 55 ft. x 5.5 ft.


Rugged, mobile tuning and calibration tablet with US Government required cyber-security baseline. Includes SpectraView™ and all Fiber Defender®
Download Spec Sheet:

Radar Solutions

Fiber SenSys, Inc., has partnered with SpotterRF to provide wide-area detection that reaches beyond the fence line or where no fence exists for the market’s best solution for early notification of intruders.  We offer the full SpotterRF product line including intrusion and drone detection radar solutions.

Tactical Physical Perimeter Security

The following Fiber SenSys products are U.S. Air Force approved under its TASS (Tactical Automated Sensor System) specifications and sold to our program partners.

FD332-Fence Kit

  • FD332 APU in NEMA 4X enclosure to USAF spec.
  • Sensor and fence materials for 100m concertina or fence zone.

New TASS Tool Kit

Updated replacement kit for FD33X-TASS-TK for installation and maintenance includes:

  • Hyperion2M-TASS
  • EZ-350
  • EZ-370 (2)
  • Fiber Optic Jumper Cable
  • New tactical-grade, soft-shell carrying bag

SecurLAN™ Physical Data Security

Fiber SenSys SecurLAN™ products provide the needed solutions to secure SCIFs, SIPRNet, NIPRNet without the need for encryption or daily physical inspections.


Rack-mounted APU with advanced tuning.

  • 8 each 1-zone cards per 19" sub-rack, 4U (RK-348)
  • 1 zone per card


All the features of the SL358R, and the added feature of allowing single-mode cable to operate as the sensor. Does not support insensitive lead-in cables.


Remote, dual channel APU with advanced tuning; typically deployed in a control room.

  • Up to 5km of sensing cable


Dual channel APU with advanced tuning. All the features of the SL352 and the added feature of allowing single-mode cable to operate as the sensor. Does not support insensitive lead-in cables.

SL504 & SL508

The SL504 monitors up to four different sensing fibers (zones), and the SL508 can support up to eight. Each fiber can be up to 5km. Remote APU with insensitive lead-in cable capability.

  • 19" rack-mount 1U
  • Includes relays
  • Internal distribution assembly

SecurCommander™ Security Management System (SMS)

SecurCommander™ provides command, control, monitoring, and reporting through an intuitive GUI for SecurLAN™ solutions. Controls SecurLAN™ APUs, optical cutoff switches, and third-party sensors via TCP/IP or optional relay input modules.