EchoPoint EP9300™ Series

New Fiber SenSys Product!


Point Locating Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS)

We provide two high performing, highly reliable long-range intrusion detection sensors.  The EchoPoint is an outstanding choice for large sites and are suitable for the following deployments:

  • Fence Mounted
  • Buried
  • Wall Top
  • Pipeline

Key Features:

  • Location accuracy of ±6m
  • Software zoning from 20m to 50km per zone
  • GIS integrations
  • Maximum fiber optic sensor length of up to 50km

The EchoPoint EP9300 Distributed Acoustic Sensors (DAS) utilize the latest technologies in fiber optic sensing and machine learning algorithms to provide the most advanced solution for applications requiring long-range, point locating intrusion detection sensors.  These advancements make EchoPoint sensors a key part of the solution in large sites where precise intrusion location is needed.