FD525 & FD525R

FD525 & FD525R

For security projects that require the best perimeter protection available, the FD525 Alarm Processing Units (APUs) from Fiber SenSys are the solution. These all-fiber-optic intrusion detection systems are capable of detecting simultaneous intrusion attempts on multiple zones along your perimeter. Know instantly when an intruder or a group of intruders is attempting to breach your perimeter. The unique capabilities of the FD525s provide the highest perimeter security in the market.  The FD525 cable assembly consists of up to 25 individual sensor elements branching off a rugged, insensitive backbone cable.  Sensor elements placed along the backbone cable define each zone location. 

  • Supports up to 25 zones, each fully independent and tunable
  • Simultaneous intrusion detection reporting on all zones
  • Maximum sensing cable length 800 meters per zone
  • Maximum insensitive lead-in cable length from 5km to 12km depending on zone configuration
  • XML message communications
  • Rack mount APU fits in a standard 19" data center rack and occupies only 2U of rack height
  • Optional relay modules available
  • Comes with system distribution assembly
  • Includes FD500 Series Software Suite

Applications: Larger industrial, nuclear power plants, critical infrastructure

  • 19" rack-mount, 2U
  • Up to 25 zones
  • Insensitive lead to 5km

Advanced tuning; high reliability and fault tolerant. Typically deployed in a control room.

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