Oil and Gas Security System Solutions

Fiber SenSys (FSI) is an approved vendor supplying many of the largest petrochemical companies in the world with perimeter security solutions.

Fiber SenSys systems transmit light from a laser through the sensor and analyze the distortion of that light to detect threats. There is no electricity in our fiber-optic sensors to ignite vapors or fumes nor are the sensors affected by EMI, RFI, lightning or proximity to electrical cables. With our remote capabilities, the alarm processing units can be centrally located eliminating the need for communications and power in the field. Infrastructure costs are further reduced by installing electronics in a secure, central location up to 20 km away. With this architecture, only passive optical components are installed in the field. Environmental conditions such as temperature, lightning, and corrosive liquids and gasses become irrelevant making Fiber SenSys an ideal choice in these environments.