Fiber SenSys SecurLAN™ Products

It has been demonstrated and verified that SecurLAN™ solutions are offered at the lowest cost per zone in the industry. The products have also been approved and certified for the protection of the PDS, and are compatible with all varieties of network architectures, including secure passive optical networks (PON).

SecurLAN is compliant for use in network Protected Distribution Systems (PDS) at US Government installations built in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Committee on National Security Systems CNSSI No.7003 (Sept. 2015 Protected Distribution Systems)
  • Air Force Instruction AFSSI 7703US
  • Navy Protected Distribution Systems Guidebook NAVSO P-5239-22
  • US ARMY Regulation AR25-2

Product Information:

SecurCommander™ Security Management System Brochure
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SecurLAN Brochure
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SecurLAN Overview
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SL50x Spec Sheet
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Optical Cutoff Switches

SecurLAN has two functions; to detect an intruder, and to deny access to data. The cutoff switch is responsible for denying access to an intruder. Once the system detects an intrusion attempt, the cutoff switch physically turns off the data in the area of concern, ensuring that the breach in security does not result in stolen data.

  • Works with multimode or single-mode data lines
  • Creates an absolute data shut-off
  • Integrates with the SecurCommander command and control system


A command and control interface that when combined with SecureLAN optical sensors and data cutoff switches form a Protected Distribution System (PDS) capable of shielding sensitive networks from physical attacks, tapping, or accidental damage.

  • Meets US military guidelines for PDS systems
  • Interactively monitors and controls system sensor solutions
  • Enforces organizations' Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) via a customizable case management workflow and communication settings
  • Microsoft SQL Server database and reporting functionality
  • Client-server functionality

SecurLAN 300 Series


Rack-mounted single-zone Alarm Processor Unit is equipped with TCP/IP (native XML messaging) and supports a sensing cable length of up to 5km; with insensitive lead-in cable up to 20km for remote APU deployment. The RK-348 rack housing holds up to eight SL358R APU's.

  • Supports multi-zone operation
  • Hot-swap modules
  • Linear, uniform sensitivity SpectraView™ tuning and diagnostic software included


Specifically designed for SecurLAN PDS applications, the SL358R-SM comes with all of the features of our SL358R and the added feature of allowing your new or existing single-mode cable to operate as the sensor. This product does NOT support insensitive lead-in cables.


Designed for remote deployment, this dual-channel SecurLAN APU can be located (up to 20km) from the protected zone.

  • Up to 5km sensing cable
  • 25+ configuration parameters
  • SpectraView software included
  • Ideal for high-security applications requiring remote capable APU
  • IP/XML compatible
  • Linear, uniform sensitivity


Designed for non-remote SecurLAN deployment and the ability to utilize single-mode cable, allows your new or existing single-mode cable to be the sensor. This product does NOT support insensitive lead-in cables.

SecurLAN 500 Series

500 Series SecurLAN™ Products

  • All 500 Series Alarm Processors include 500 Series Software Suite for tuning and calibration
  • All 500s fit in a standard 19-inch rack
  • Nuisance alarm discrimination with custom tuning software
  • Integration capability with head end/annunciator panels
  • Environmental noise compensation
  • Linear, uniform sensitivity
  • Simultaneous intrusion detection reporting all zones
  • XML messages communications

Product Information:

SL508 Product Brochure
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SL50x Spec Sheet
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SL504 / SL508

The SL504 monitors up to four different sensing fibers (zones), and the SL508 can support up to eight. Each sensing fiber can be up to 5km in length for maximum perimeter protection. Remote APU deployment with insensitive lead-in cable capability.

  • 1U rack-mount APU
  • Includes relays
  • Internal distribution assembly