Since 1990, Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) has installed more than 12,000 Alarm Processor Units (APUs) under the Fiber Defender® and SecurLAN® product lines.  The APU is a device that uses electronics, software and laser technology to form the dynamic core of this highly rated intrusion detection system.  In coordination with our systems integrator and distribution partners, we have learned that each location around the globe offers unique safety and security challenges.  Our products have been implemented in every climate ranging from the extreme desert heat of Saudi Arabia to the chilling cold of the Russian tundra.  We have also seen that each project location presents a unique set of requirements and contains a unique set of environmental conditions. Thus, to properly serve our customers, we must offer a highly diverse group of Alarm Processor Units to support these varying needs.

Our government customers employ Fiber SenSys products to protect extremely high security weapons storage areas, while our electricity providing customers use FSI APUs to prevent vandalism and copper theft at power substations.  Intrusion detection sensors are used in hospitals to prevent the theft of radioactive medical equipment, and they are specified for classified data networks protecting national secrets from falling into the wrong hands.  Our product configurability and reliability matched with the intrinsically safe "fiber advantage" makes us an ideal candidate for an extremely wide range of applications.  However, with our huge diversity of applications comes the difficult choice of selecting the correct safety and security solution.  This tech tip will discuss the considerations for selecting the correct APU and intrusion detection system to match the many possible applications.

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