To properly install the FSI sensor on a fence, simulations of actual intruders in a cut and a climb scenario are necessary.  Two technicians are required to configure the system; one must be in charge of operating the FSI AutoTune® software or making manual changes using the FSI configuration software while the other conducts actual intrusion simulations.  By default, virtual processor 1 (on-board the APU) is configured to detect climbing intrusions and virtual processor 2 is configured to detect cutting intrusions.  The purpose of this installment of Tech Tips is to provide detailed instructions on how to properly simulate cut and climb intrusions on a chain-link perimeter fence.

 A major part of configuring the Fiber Defender system is making small changes to the default settings so that intruders are caught and nuisance alarm sources are ignored. Conducting climb and cut tests that closely resemble how an intruder would enter the boundary is a very important part of the installation process. Climb simulations are enacted simply by climbing over the fence. Cut intrusions are a bit more complicated; the spectral activity resulting from a cut must be replicated without actually cutting the fence.

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