FD504 & FD508

The FD504™/FD508™ incorporates Fiber SenSys' proprietary and patent-pending technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of sensors throughout the world in a versatile fiber-optic sensor.  The FD504/FD508 detects intruders attempting to climb or cut through fences.  Sophisticated algorithms distinguish between intruders and “nuisance alarms” that might be caused by wind, wildlife or other environmental conditions.

The FD508 monitors up to eight different sensing fibers (zones); the FD504 monitors four. Each sensing fiber can be up to 800 meters in length for maximum perimeter protection.  The front indicator lights show the status of each zone; a steady green light indicates normal/secure operation.  Red lights come on during an attempted intrusion (alarm) or if the fiber is cut (fault), which provides instant notification of unauthorized physical access. 

  • Remote APU deployment with insensitive lead-in cable capability
  • Nuisance alarm discrimination with built-in tuning software
  • Integration capability with a head end/annunciator panels
  • Immune to EMI, RFI, and lightning
  • Environmental noise compensation
  • Linear, uniform sensitivity
  • Ideal for sites with eight to 16 zones

Applications: Industrial, mid-size substations and commercial

  • 19" rack-mount, 1U
  • 4 or 8 zones
  • Insensitive lead to 5km

Advanced tuning; great for projects with 4 to 16 zones. Typically deployed in a control room.


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