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Remote Training Certification Courses

Training Schedule & Information

Factory training classes are typically scheduled bi-monthly at the Fiber SenSys headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Our next factory class for Fiber Defender Certification will be held July 11-13, 2023.  If this schedule doesn't work for you, please review our other options or call for additional information. 

Fiber SenSys provides the following:

Remote Training Program Info

  • Class enrollment is by appointment.
  • Limited to six students per session.
  • FSI requires training to be scheduled and paid in advance.
  • Registration for each student must be confirmed by Fiber SenSys. 


  • Access via laptop or computer equipped with a microphone and capable of running the GoToMeeting client.


  • Access via a laptop or computer capable of running GoToMeeting.  A webcam will also be needed to aid in demonstrating results or troubleshooting problems.
  • Equipment Training Kits (ETK), include product samples and materials for the class's laboratory sections, are provided to enhance the training and understanding. The contents of each kit vary based on the products the course or courses covered. Kits are available with course registration and must be ordered in advance—customer is  only responsible for shipping costs.  
  • Students may use alarm processors already in their possession if available.  If the student does not have access to an alarm processing unit, units relative to each class can be obtained as needed.  The units provided are fully functional, and factory tested.  They may be loaned or purchased for training or demonstration purposes but are not intended for resale.  Please confirm the intended product at the time of enrollment.
  • Specialty items such as fusion splicers will not be provided.  Fusion splicing is recommended for FD300 installations and mandatory for FD500 installations.

Registration Form & Course Outline

Pricing information is detailed on Registration Form

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    PN 990-94552
    Includes FD331, FD332, FD341, FD342, and FD348R:

    The objective of the Basic Fiber Defender Training Course is to provide information, including determining the best product solution for specific applications, installation, and maintenance of Fiber SenSys 300 Series products.

    • Eight hours*
    • Tuning process and parameters
    • Site design
    • Tuning and calibration software

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*Estimated duration; courses may vary based on student questions and participation.